Personal Reflection: Having Gratitude

Sometimes its the sunset on the way home that reminds us to be grateful.

I have been reflecting quite a bit in the last few weeks. I don’t know exactly what it is but there is something that is calling my attention toward the little things in life and have to gratitude.

Having gratitude isn’t always easy, especially when things aren’t going the best in our lives but sometimes it’s those circumstances that call for it. I started practicing having gratitude (because yes, it is something you can practice) last year when I was having a lot of family issues. It was during this time where I would ask thing like “why are bad things happening to me?” Then something shifted, it was my perspective and instead of focusing on the negative I started to focus on the things that were going well. These things can be both big and small, like taking a breath or having the homes we live it and its these things that I was grateful for every day.

I started to practice being grateful by waking up and saying thank you for another day then listed things I was grateful for. My practice then included writing one new thing I am grateful for every day. Gratitude meditation came next and it has helped me ground myself and have some peace and stillness in my busy days. There are no right or wrong ways to do so I think it is just important that we do it.

I find myself getting caught up in the stress that life constantly creates but gratitude has helped me to have the ability to separate myself from it when I need to. The result to me of practicing it are amazing. I feel more self-aware, kinder and overall happier.

I think its extremely important that we all have things to be grateful for and those are the things we should be counting rather than the little burdens we may face.

With love,


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